Oh Right, You Want To Be A Freelance Writer?


“If you like piña coladas….”

I could definitely break out into song and keep going! But I’d probably have to Google the lyrics first…

What I’m really trying to say is so you’ve said to yourself “I want to be a freelance writer or blogger or WHATEVER” -
It doesn’t really matter which but you’re ready to take life into your own hands and have complete control over your income through writing well…

that’s fantastic!

But now to my piña colada reference – you must first understand that it will not be all cocktails and 6 figure incomes sitting on the beach typing your dreams away.

Let this be your goal but not your expectation.

If you like Pina coladas...

You thirsty?

It’s going to take a few years to get to that point if not longer and I hate to say it but if you’re getting into freelance writing to see a 7 figure income, you probably should just walk the other way now and go play with Affiliate Marketing or something else….
Not here to be negative, just saying.

With All That Said

Freelance writing still has so much to offer that may not come in the form of a million dollars.
If I’ve still got your attention which no doubt I do, I want you to ask yourself a few necessary questions before you decide that this is the path for you to start walking on a daily basis… oh yes I said daily.

“How much money do I expect to earn per year?”

I’m just going to jump into the obvious one straight away.
Chances are high that your main concern right now is how much figures can you get stacking in your bank!

As a freelance writer you definitely have the potential to earn upwards of 6 figures a year. This is the experience for writers like Carol Tice and Tom Ewer, just to name a couple.

But you can’t expect to earn this from the start.

It’s going to take time, marketing and a perfection of your skills to the point where the clients are now coming to you and you can begin to demand higher prices for your time and work.

If I’ve still got your interest, please continue onto the next question.

“Am I truly comfortable putting myself out there?”

I quickly mentioned this in the first question but it’s something you need to really ask yourself.

Why you ask?

Because you need to be marketing yourself and your writing, remember you’re now a business and you need to be doing it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

It’s going to be one thing to start a blog to sample your writing but when you start connecting with an audience on a personal level you will become vulnerable, when you pitch clients for work based on your talents and talents alone you will become open to rejection and lastly when your sharing everything you do on every social media profile under the sun – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest, whatever you get the point.
You’re now open to the whole world and probably only a simple google search away from being exposed; On the flip side If you’re comfortable this is actually a great problem to have.

Time to get familiar with a few of these icons...

Time to get familiar with a few of these icons…

If you don’t believe you’re ready to market yourself or not willing to learn how to become comfortable I applaud you for making it to question 2 but it’s time to walk away, freelancing is not for you.

And lastly,

“Do I even like to write or do I just like money?”

You may have made it this far but seriously guys and girls, this is the deal breaker.

It may be all fine and well to want to work from the sunny beaches on the Whitsundays, to want to run your own show and be in charge of your own income and apparently you’re even comfortable putting yourself out there but if you don’t actually like taking the time to perfect your craft and write regularly – you may be a lost cause.

The funny thing about being a freelance writer is that you actually will need to seriously enjoy what you’re doing to be able to keep going and make a sustainable income. That may be a bitter pill for some of you to swallow because all you want is money but this is the truth, writing is hard.

Damn hard.

If you don’t truly enjoy what you’re doing, like anything, you won’t succeed and you will burn out.

But if you’re ready to hustle hard to earn a 6 figure income, ready to put yourself out to the world and become as vulnerable as you’ll ever be and actually enjoy the craft that is writing, I say get started!

Get started today!

Don’t wait for tomorrow or for the perfect marketing plan or perfect blog design, start writing now and the rest will fall into place if you’re prepared to work at it every day!

Trust me when you get that first blog comment or guest post and you feel that rush, you’ll truly know you enjoy what you’re doing!

My Question To You

Are you considering becoming a freelance writer? If so what makes you 100% sure you’re up for the challenge? Let us know in the comments below!

Photo Credit: ChrisGoldNY, milos milosevic, mkhmarketing

2 thoughts on “Oh Right, You Want To Be A Freelance Writer?

  1. Here’s what I expect to earn per year: enough to support me living in a country with much lower living expenses than Norway. Preferably somewhere sunny. To do that I would need to make anywhere from 30-50$ per day, which should be attainable. Of course that’s my initial goal.

    I have definitely been slacking too much and I need to take it a whole lot more seriously. Set and uphold schedules and deadlines and basically just treat it a lot more like what I aim for it to be, a full time job.


    • Hey Ragnar,

      Awesome man, a great initial goal! Somewhere sunny with cheap living expenses? Thailand or somewhere that way is definitely the first place coming to mind! You can get there bro! I mean how hard can $30-50 be to make a day, at least 1 paid writing piece per day and you would probably crack it with enough work (don’t get me wrong, I still need to get there myself haha just reiterating the advice I’m giving to myself!).

      Yeah I hear you on that man and is something I’m also trying to work on.

      At our full time jobs we find it easy to do task after task because it’s “what’s expected” of us and we just do it, but why cant we do the same to ourselves for our own projects which we actually enjoy?

      Keep persevering man you will get there no doubt, just don’t lose sight and never accept the 9-5 life as your only option!

      You owe it to your dreams!



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