Keeping It Short and Simple – See You in 2014!

See you soon!

Hey guys and gals!

Hope you’ve all had a Merry Christmas, Hanukah or whatever you choose to celebrate over this festive period and are preparing for your New years celebrations!

I just wanted to drop in and say I haven’t forgot about Not Another Rat despite this being posted on a Friday and not a Wednesday.

I’m finally on holidays for the first time since my America trip last September and I’m taking some much needed time to rest, refocus and set myself up right for the biggest year of my life.

I have some really big plans for Not Another Rat, which I hope to have released by February. I’ll also be looking to obtain more freelance clients and turn a dream into a reality by finally leaving the 9-5 again but this time – once and for all!

The list really could go on of what I plan to achieve in 2014 but that’ll be a post for another time.

Posting will return to normal as of January 8th and the year will be well and truly started with only success on my mind.

I hope you all are using this time to think, plan, get motivated and fully prepared for the new year to ensure all your goals become realities.

Until January 8th – Have a great new years and I’ll see you guys in 2014!

Photo Credit: julianrod

3 thoughts on “Keeping It Short and Simple – See You in 2014!

  1. Keep it up man!

    Funny picture.

  2. 2014 is going to be huge man! Looking forward to seeing you break out of the nine to five!

  3. Hey guys!

    Thanks heaps for the support you’ve shown for the past 3 months and obviously for all the support coming into this year, it does mean a lot!

    And Kevin, that makes two of us bro!

    Bring it on!


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