Are You Really Listening to the Words You Speak?

Are you truly listening to the words that come out of your mouth?

Don’t knock the weather; nine-tenths of the people couldn’t start a conversation if it didn’t change once in a while. - Kin Hubbard

It’s a question most people will answer with one word. No.
We all just talk shit and call it “communication”.

Like most activities in life where you end up in a routine , you start to find comfort; the art of conversation is no different.
Except arguably, it’s more crucial that your conversations and words never find themselves in that painful pattern.



It’s Not Your Fault, No Really Don’t Blame Yourself

You weren’t to know that the only riveting conversations you could have during your day are “Hi, How are you? Good. – You? – Yeah good, bye”

Or how about after a weekend? “How you doing? – Yeah not bad for a MONDAY
Ever heard that one before?
You’ve definitely heard this one “How you doing today? – THANK GOD IT’S FRIDAY – Oh I hear that”

These above conversations are potentially the most consistent conversations held by humans in history. (I’ll be honest that is a fact I’m completely pulling out of my ass but I feel no discredit in saying so).

I may only be four years deep into the world of 9-5 but I can’t remember one week passing where I haven’t had to partake half-heartedly in those conversations.

Simply, it’s sickening.
I literally cringe when I have to answer it. I follow through out of courtesy but I always regret it.

Do you see why I’m bringing this up?

It’s just like the finding comfort in your 9-5 routine or any other unproductive habit. This isn’t truly living and you’d be crazy to think it is.

Open Your Ears

Start listening to your conversations you’re having with your colleagues and friends and see if you can start to see the unsettling pattern.
You can only fix what you’re aware of, if you let it to continue going unnoticed you’re only making it a harder habit to break.

Personal growth comes from change; discomfort, challenges and our conversations should be held in the same light as our actions.

Next time when you’re rocking up to your office at 9am on a Monday and someone greets you with “Hey, how you doing today?” I want you to answer something else than the generic “Not bad for a Monday”.

You could even go that next step further and take a page from Eric Thomas and answer with “Thank god it’s Monday!, I’ve got so much to do I can’t wait to get started!”

Not only will this level of enthusiasm absolutely throw your co-worker and make them second take their own answers for the rest of the day,  you may find yourself actually feeling extremely enthusiastic about your 8 hour day ahead!

Imagine being as enthusiastic as this kid!

Imagine being as enthusiastic as this kid!

Let The Change Begin

Why wait for 2014?, take a chance, embrace the change and open yourself up to exciting new conversations.
If you think about it, how many successful people in the world put a lot of their success down towards the networks they have built up over the years?
I’d say 100% (again another statistic out of my ass, I’ve got to stop doing that…) and I’m pretty confident in saying their conversations don’t start with “Not bad for a Monday”.

Actually listen to your conversations over the next week, mix things up from your normal answers.
Who knows, maybe you’ll learn something awesome about someone you never knew; maybe a colleague is actually on a similar journey to you in creating a successful life but you never knew because you didn’t take the chance to have real thoughtful conversation.

The more we listen and the more we talk, the more we all learn!

What’s your most hated “fake conversation” you have to deal with on a regular basis? I’d love to have a laugh!

And if you have any friends or colleagues who you think need to hear this, don’t hesitate to share!

3 thoughts on “Are You Really Listening to the Words You Speak?

  1. One of my first posts I ever wrote was all about the fallacy of “Thank God It’s Friday.” That saying is quite possibly the worst thing in the world. The mindset of wishing your days away is total bullshit.

    Meaningful conversation is where it’s at. I’m fortunate that I’ve been able to shift away from stupid conversations and into meaningful ones, but that ultimately comes down to your surroundings and who you hang out with.

    You bring up some really awesome points man.

    • Kevin: Haha, word.

      On a more serious side:

      Jackson, I agree with you about meaningless conversation, but to some extent we MUST put up with it. It’s impossible to succeed unless we form the “art” of making small talk (to small people). Haha.

      My most hated fake conversation has to do with team sports. I hate people who say “WE” won/lost… Dude, you’re not on a team, you’re a fucking spectator.

      • Hey Ludvig!

        Very good point and I guess I completely agree we must somewhat partake in it, I think some people tend to realise how much of their every day conversation is centered around it.

        Haha that’s a funny one to bring up, I definitely hear what you’re saying but lucky I don’t watch too much of them to have to cop it too much!

        Hope you have a great xmas and new years mate!


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