Always Have Your Pants on When Opportunity Comes Knocking!

Something like this right?

Are you enjoying that mental image right now?

Myself, on the couch, door knocks and shit… where the fuck are my pants!
Shit, why are my pants even off? It’s the middle of the day and I’m home alone but I’ll leave that one for you to interpret, as you will.

“Get to the point already” (Yelled some obnoxious reader that I’m grateful for)

OK, I thought we were having all the wrong kind of fun but, fine!

I Potentially Messed Up

Yeah, I’m admitting it; I’ve made a mistake.
My laziness, stupidity, ability to not forward think or all of the above has possibly cost me freelance work. The same very work, which will be key to ensuring, I am able to leave my 9-5 and start living the lifestyle this blog is truly about.

In other words, I got caught with my pants down when opportunity came knocking.

You see; in the month of December I had two big things happen for my journey and myself.

Firstly, I had my first guest post published on the great blog Perform Destiny  and secondly, I had 8 amazing bloggers contribute to my round up post which was shared  all over their social networks.

These two events were massive milestones for Not Another Rat and building relationships with key people who aspire to achieve or have achieved similar goals. These events also contributed to an influx of traffic to Not Another Rat.
To put it frankly, December had substantially more traffic than the previous 2 months combined due to these reasons and I didn’t capitalize on it.

Yup, My Pants Were Down

My blog wasn’t in the best state to be receiving this extra traffic.
I wasn’t ready for when opportunity came knocking.
Don’t get me wrong; the servers could handle the traffic.
It wasn’t that spastic or anything but what I saw through my tracking was an increase of clicks into one particular page; can you guess which one?

Yeah that’s right – it was the money making page, my Hire Me page.

For the purpose of this blog post, I am yet to update that page but do not fret, I have a brand new one drafted and it will be published by the end of this week once it’s perfected. My current traffic leaves me with the feeling I can safely do that.
In December though, it was a different story. Many clicks were had to this page and what did I leave them with? A simple note which I had first come up with in October when this blog was first started as I had no intention of beginning freelance work in that month.

It’s now January and I’m only just getting on top of it and pulling my pants up, not a good image to be representing when wanting paid work, am I right?

Even this would've been more effective...

Even this would’ve been more effective…

Don’t Ever Be The One With Your Pants Down

You’ve got to ensure you’re never on the receiving end of what I allowed myself to go through in December.

By not having my blog in a ready state for my extra traffic from new sources I was able to showcase a lack of professionalism, presented that I was unserious about being a freelance blogger and that I am basically not someone they should ever come to mind when it comes to paid work.

And frankly, if I came to a bloggers site and I was looking to hire them and that’s all they could present – I would’ve walked away also.

The Lesson Has Been Learnt

Maybe you won’t be as silly as myself along your journey but always remember…

Be as prepared as you can be every hour of the day because if opportunity comes knocking – you’ll want your pants all the way up on your hips – this way they’ll know you’re the one for the job.

Don’t leave your dreams to chance.

When did you get caught with your pants down? Figuratively or literally we’d love to hear it in the comments below!

Photo Credit: Daniel Ferenčak, Michel Filion

One thought on “Always Have Your Pants on When Opportunity Comes Knocking!

  1. Don’t worry Jackson – even the “top bloggers” sometimes slip up, much less the new writers. All you do is, make sure that the next time you get the traffic, that you are actually prepared!

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