Why Money Makes You Miserable – Surprise, It’s Your Fault


I want you to think about your current bank balance right now.

I anticipate that majority of you reading this wont be smiling from ear to ear.
I truly imagine quite the opposite.
A frown, a slight cringe and a sudden thought of panic as you think about the next bill you have to pay. I also bet you probably gave up a solid amount of your own time to ensure that bill was paid.

No surprise, happiness still eludes you.

And you’ll say to yourself “Once I’m earning ‘x’ amount per year I’ll be happy
Or “Once I pay off my debt, mortgage or car (to name the obvious), I’ll be happy

Sounding familiar to some of you? All of you?
How about the whole god damn world.

The way we think is making us miserable.

We keep giving our happiness a figure and it’s that figure we’re always chasing that we constantly find the state of happiness running the other way.

They don’t need to be two of the same.
Separate the two and your relationship with money will improve.

Stop Defining Happiness By ‘X’ Amount

This is where the problem truly begins and definitely a new concept to myself.
You need to stop defining happiness as a dollar amount.
I offer you this question.
Why can’t you be happy right now?

Marinade on that. Soak it all up like last nights roast chicken.

All right, got a serious answer? Yeah. I didn’t think so.

It’s time to be happy now and actually step back and smell the flowers.
Take a moment to realize that life is grand, even with all the challenges it will throw you day in and day out.
When you break it down you’ll see life is pretty damn amazing and the fact that you’re here right now on my blog reading this is proof in itself just how good you have it.

The path to success (however you choose to define it), financial abundance, that perfectly sculpted body, hooking up with a 10, none of it was going to be easy.

And if it were would it even be that rewarding anyways?
If you’ve ever bought a car on credit or anything for that fact you know what I’m talking about VS something you worked hours to purchase. The two don’t even compare.

Be Grateful For What You Do Have

Reckon you can do it?

Reckon you can do it?

When the sadness kicks in and the frustration builds it becomes like you’ve put on the blinders. You only see the world in one light, a dim one.

You forget about previous achievements, you forget about the road that lays ahead and you no longer even appreciate what you currently have that no doubt, someone would die for.

I’m not blaming you but it’s time to stand up and take some damn self-responsibility for these poor choices in the way you feel.

It’s ok though; I’m joining you.

My Challenge To You

It’s time to get fucking grateful.
I’m not preaching positive affirmations here or practice gratuity until your success comes out of thin air. That’s not going to happen, period.
The power of gratitude comes from being able to see what is around you. Having the ability to feel appreciative and be more self-aware, then choosing to build off of it.

This post is the introduction for a series of posts I will conduct throughout the final weeks of November “Gratitude is the attitude Fridays” or #GISTAF (Yeah, no fancy acronym here).

I'll see you Friday and we'll enjoy a beverage to be grateful for!

I’ll see you Friday and we’ll enjoy a beverage to be grateful for!

Every Friday I will conduct a post that will list off the highs and lows of recent that I am grateful for and explain why.

This isn’t just to post random bullshit but actually open your eyes and mine to the power of being more self-aware.

With awareness comes personal growth, which I truly believe will only create more success for all of us!

I Leave You Now

And I ask, what is one thing that you are truly grateful for, something that has truly shaped the person you are currently?

Let us know in the comments below and I’ll see you on Friday for the first post of #GISTAF!

Photo Credit: eflon, SnoShuu, Daveybot

2 thoughts on “Why Money Makes You Miserable – Surprise, It’s Your Fault

  1. I like your take on gratitude. Like you said here, it’s not all about wishing your way to a better life. It’s about seeing what you have already and then building from there.

    Happiness does increase to some degree when you make more money but it’s nothing compared to the happiness brought on from relationships, experiences, and enjoying what you already have.

    Looking forward to #GISTAF brother.

    • Thanks man!

      Yeah I definitely do agree as it does able you to live a lifestyle more suited to yourself rather than grinding away for someone else and also the ability to afford some great experiences!
      I just find as entrepreneurs who are at the beginning or in the middle of the journey where the money is yet to be achieved we can all find it very easy to put off our happiness until we “make it” when there’s no reason not to enjoy the “now” as well!

      Thanks for stopping by Kevin!

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