Gratitude is the attitude Friday’s #GISTAF Volume: 3 (The Finale)


#GISTAF Volume: 3 – The Finale

Ugh… I failed and broke my word, two things I’m not proud of.

I literally had every intention to have this published on Friday or Australia’s Saturday, (you know time zones and all that shit?) yet life got in the way again.

My Saturday ended up consisting of 10 hours of hard laborious work of moving over 200 (I wish I was exaggerating) wheel barrows full of crusher dust into my backyard from my driveway so we could finally landscape our backyard. Lets just say fun wasn’t exactly a word being thrown around yesterday and my body is feeling pain in places I didn’t even knew existed!

I don't want to see one of these for a long time...

I don’t want to see one of these for a long time…

That being said damn am I feeling grateful!

It’s been a hard couple weeks for no particular reason, just had that trapped feeling coming through real bad and it’s been hard to keep it quiet.
But instead of just reflecting on the week that has been, I’m taking the time to step back and look at 2013 as a whole for the final post of the #GISTAF series!

Where To Start

Honestly, I’m not exactly sure so I’m just going to write and let it all come out.

In 2013 I have accomplished and feel extremely grateful for the following:

- Clearing $13,000 personal debt.

- Moving into the house my partner and myself got built after 11 long months.

- Picking up two sponsors through my BMX riding.

- Having a new family member join us – my Cavoodle puppy Ramsay.

- Running my first 15 Kilometers in a Melbourne running event.

- Getting promoted in the 9-5 (Not necessarily what I want, but got to make as much as coinage I can while I’m in the 9-5 right?).

- Starting and maintaining a blog (Yeah I’m talking about this one).

- Being ready to celebrate another 12 months passed with my beautiful girlfriend (3 years on Christmas day).

- Learning more about myself and the future I wish to create each and everyday.

- Feeling stuck, upset, frustrated and hopeless but not giving up.

- Putting out my first solo riding video seen here.

- Getting my Dad to start exercising with me and drinking less.

- Smiling at least once everyday.

Yeah, I’m Feeling Grateful

For every difficult day and for every perfect day that has come through out 2013;
I have managed to keep pushing towards my goals, find accomplishment and set myself up to reach new heights.

While I still feel so far away from the goals I need to accomplish in order to live the life I want each and every day – as I take the time to reflect on 2013 it really does show in the 12 months that have passed I really did get quite a lot done and should be a little proud.

Acknowledging Gratitude

This exercise #GISTAF has given me a chance to really focus on my accomplishments rather than feel the frustration of not achieving my next set of goals and also the chance to really appreciate those around me who do support me and my journey.

For that I am forever thankful and all I can think is….

Bring on 2014.

What has 2013 brought for you guys and girls? What are you truly grateful for that happened this year?

4 thoughts on “Gratitude is the attitude Friday’s #GISTAF Volume: 3 (The Finale)

  1. Hey buddy, I like how you re-framed this. A few bad days will happen. But when you zoom out and look at your entire year it’s pretty amazing what you can really accomplish.

    I plan on doing a one-year reflection post later in the month but suffice it to say – shit’s been pretty crazy this past year. You’ve already done some pretty badass stuff this year and I have no doubt 2014 will be even more awesome.

    BTW – Your bmx video is so sick! :)

  2. Hey bro,

    Yeah that’s it man, we find it so easy to get stuck in our head after experiencing a few bad days or weeks but when you actually step back and look at the year as a whole, you actually see how far you’ve truly come and the progress that’s being made!

    I look forward to it man, I have no doubt it will be a great post and will be really interesting to hear your start and finish of 2013 story!

    Haha thanks man :D I hope to have a new one out over the next couple of months for one of my sponsors to stay tuned for that one!


  3. This is a good practice to have. I’m beginning to think having a thankful outlook is one of the most powerful skills there is. Changes everything. Great idea to broaden the perspective to include the whole year, the big picture, rather than just the difficulties of the day. Consider it a habit I’m stealing from you for the day, if not longer.

    • Hey Micah,

      It really does help, especially on those dark days man where you feel like you’re not getting anywhere or just something in particular isn’t working right. You take that step back and actually acknowledge everything and it’s like wow ok, I’m doing better than I give myself credit for!

      I hope you keep it for a long, long, LONG time :)

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