Why You’ve Already Failed Yourself In 2014

Happy New Year?

This post sort of serves as two posts – A post about the results of my 30 day challenge from November and the problem with New years resolutions.

They just seemed to go quite hand in hand so if you need to quickly read about my challenge here, go get yourself up to speed and I’ll wait…

All right – good to go?

Well I bet this is the one question on your mind…

How Did I Fair?

To be 100% honest with you all, it didn’t go as well as I thought it would.
It turns out writing 1000 words per day as well as finding time for 30 minutes of reading is much harder than waking up at 5am every day, at least from my experience.

What I can say is I did manage to read everyday but not always my book like I had planned and I finished with a grand total of 15k+ words.

I can say that I’m satisfied with my accomplishment.

It’s not something to brag about but I know through writing those words I have learnt more about myself as a person as well as coming into my voice that little bit more as a writer, so while the goal wasn’t 100% achieved, progress was made!

And now here we are in December and it got me thinking about my next challenge for myself and how the season of new years resolutions is just around the corner!

Introducing The Devil Of Changing Habits

2014 is only 26 days away.

A new year to become everything you’ve always dreamed about, achieve the impossible, remove the bad and to never feel sad again.
On December 31st you’ll be met with such enthusiasm that comes from being drunk, surrounded by others preaching the same and the excitement for a new year ahead.
You can “throw” away 2013 and all the failures that you’ve experienced so this must be the perfect time to announce change right?


That enthusiasm is the wrong kind of motivation to create habits that will actually last and help you become the person you truly wish to be.

Think back for a moment, no seriously, think.

What did you promise yourself this time last year would change in 2013?
Quit smoking? Drink less? New Job? Exercise more? Start a business? I’m sure I could continue…

Now think to this present day.
Of what you promised yourself to achieve or change in 2013 how much of it did you actually follow through with?

The scoreboards a painful reminder isn’t it? Regardless, the proof remains.
Your enthusiasm didn’t last all year and probably not even into February.

Feeling a bit like the visitor right now?

Feeling a bit like the visitor right now?

Don’t Get Discouraged Just Yet

I’m not here to kick you or your dreams into the ground, I swear.
But clearly something has to change in your approach into 2014 otherwise you could potentially be looking at another 12 months of stagnating which is not a result anyone wants, especially you.

That is why I am asking you to not wait until Jan 1st for all of your “new years resolutions” and the habits you wish to kick or create.

Let today be the day that you make the change or at least create a solid plan.

I don’t want you to just work off hype and announce to the world what you want to do. History says that it won’t be enough to get you where you want to be.

It’s time to get serious and create some damn actionable steps for you to take. You have to ensure that your failures of 2013 are not repeated in 2014.

The saying goes “The best time to start anything was 5 years ago, the next best time is today”.
Don’t get disappointed by what didn’t happen in 2013 and don’t sit there twiddling your thumbs throughout December either.

We Start Today

Pick one goal. Just one.

Lets break it down and lets make sure it’s achievable through a solid plan.

It doesn’t need to be as complicated as you once thought, follow these basic steps and you’ll be on your way to a brand new life in 2014.

Step 1: Define goal

Example: You want to become a successful blogger.

Step 2: Break down steps to achieve your goal

Example: Choose a URL, Choose a niche, Understand who your target audience is, Start writing quality content, Market content, connect with other bloggers and engage with your readers.

Step 3: Consistent action

Example: Purchase said URL, Design your blog, write multiple times per week, publish as you see fit, post on social media regularly, market yourself every day.

Step 4: Profit (Achieve success)

Example: Continue your action steps each and every day and adjust as necessary, as long as you have a vision of where you’re heading a plan of attack to get there, you will find success.

It seems a little too simple in those steps I know, but the truth is that’s all it takes.
Those actions themselves may be hard but if you persevere it will all work.
You’ve just got to be consistent and not give up.

The hardest part of achieving success is being able to go for the long haul; remember you’re in a marathon my friends, not a sprint.

Ready, Set, GO!

Let 2014 begin... now!

Let 2014 begin… now!

Despite what your calendar says – today is January 1st and today your journey begins.

Pick one goal, break it down into steps and today, take one action.
Even if it’s only spending a measly $10 on a URL – you’ll still be one step closer than you were yesterday!

What is your biggest goal for 2014 and how are you preparing for it? Are you starting now or are you waiting? Let us know in the comments below!

Photo Credit: Christopher Chan, Gerry Dincher

5 thoughts on “Why You’ve Already Failed Yourself In 2014

  1. I’ve achieved some amazing goals this year and have fallen miles short of some other goals this year. I think the key (Like you mentioned) is to keep making progress or taking the small steps toward our goals. Not to get down about not reaching a desired goal but to readjust and then take action.

    One of my bigger goals for next year is to write and release another book. I’m already in the process of writing out the outline and plan on writing the first draft by the end of January.

    Great tips in this post. Great content!

    • Thanks heaps Dan,

      I appreciate it heaps!

      Sounds like your well on your way to a productive 2014 and by not waiting to Jan 1st to start it’s easy to see your serious about your goal and will make it happen!

      Keep it up!

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