Why It’s Crucial You Dream Big But Act Small


There is no one giant step that does it. It’s a lot of little steps. – Peter A. Cohen

I feel like this post couldn’t come at a better time – for myself, for my friends and for anyone who is going through the journey, struggle of creating their ideal life.

When we stop to think about the vision of our ideal life a lot of factors can come into play for what it may actually look like – To use myself as an example I guess it would look like this: Feeling safe financially (is this ever a possibility?), a beautiful partner (check), a life full of adventure; passion for what I do and unlimited travel.
For others it may be becoming a multi-millionaire (Still a goal of mine), to become a professional athlete or artist, or maybe even just creating their own family.

The point is this – for everyone it’s a very different vision of what the end goal looks like but rarely, if ever, do we actually take the time to envision what it may actually take to achieve these visions.

As you take the next steps in your journey it is crucial you start to understand the importance of “dreaming big but acting small”.

It is something that has slandered the progress of my dreams over the last 2 years but as I finally come into acceptance of to why this has been the case – I’m now in a position to advise others not to follow these mistakes which of course, I have endured or am enduring. But not for much longer!

Losing Sight Of The In-between

This is pretty much the biggest ramification for “dreaming big but NOT acting small”.
When all of your focus is on what the end-goal will look like, you simply don’t have enough room to have the adequate focus required to actually participate in the action steps that will lead you to your end-goal.

Another big issue with all the focus being on the end-goal of your dream is that you truly start to believe you are entitled to that vision without actually going through the process.

You become jaded.

You’ll start to think you wont have to go through all the baby steps that will come along and while you may be lucky enough to skip a few – you’ll underestimate how many more you have to go.

Lacking Confidence

Confidence. It’s a funny thing confidence is – we all want it, some of us have it, we can all fake it and we’ve all doubted it more times than we can possibly count. The one sure thing is though through acting small towards our big dreams, we can create it.

Being in a position to skip over the small steps of your journey will feel beneficial at the time but what you don’t realize, is that you’re damaging your long-term growth.

Those small steps create experience.

Experience everything and you’ll be able to use it all to your advantage, – which in result – creates knowledge and that knowledge? Well that turns into confidence.


This is one hundred percent the worst feeling of not having the ability to act small.

Your progress will feel inexistent.

This may not make sense straight away since when your doing something every day that you feel is bringing you closer to your dream surely your progressing but hear me out and answer this question.

Are you actually taking the time to sit back and appreciate what you’re doing or understand why you are performing those small acts? Chances are that you’re not and my friends – this is where the damage is done.

Without taking the time to acknowledge each and every small step you take towards your dreams, you basically limit yourself on how good you can feel about what you’re doing.

You’ll be left feeling empty, frustrated and wondering why you “aren’t” making progress when in-fact, you’re much further along than you realise.

Now Tell Me

Are you struggling with this as much as I am? Or have you found a way to help yourself focus on the baby steps and truly appreciate the journey?

Leave your comments below!

Until next week.

Photo Credit: Nick-K (Nikos Koutoulas)

4 thoughts on “Why It’s Crucial You Dream Big But Act Small

  1. I hear you, Jackson!

    “Have you found a way to help yourself focus on the baby steps and truly appreciate the journey?”

    – Yes. But it’s not one way, there are many ways. But in combination it strengthens my mental focus. Here are three important ones:

    - meditation to practice concentration
    - reading a lot (also great for concentration)
    - writing daily to-do lists and looking at them frequently
    - focusing on doing 1-3 big/medium-sized things per day, instead of 10 small things.


    • Hey Ludvig!

      Thoroughly lagged on this reply – my bad!

      Those are some solid tips man and I truly appreciate it!
      I’ll definitely need to step up to incorporate them into my life, meditation sounds so intimidating haha but I do like it!

      Hope all is well on your end man,


  2. Really good piece man.

    I find that being deliberate with your day, as read at ‘asian efficiency’ is very true. ET also says it! haha. And my deliberate, what I mean is set times for wake up, set times for meditation, yoga, riding, reading, writing, whatever it is! Being DELIBERATE about it!

    Especially being deliberate about going to bed, turning off the laptop, avoiding sugar(!) haha. All these little things help man. Just like when you ran at 5am in the morning for 30 days! kicked your day off like a boss.

    • Hey brother!

      Firstly, thanks! That was a nice comment to wake up to this morning!

      And yeah man I completely agree, it’s those little actions being taken deliberately that makes a lot of difference in your life. I often look back on that month (April last year, shit 12 months ago haha) and reflect on how that helped for mindset and strength. I’ve invested in a book called “30 days of discipline”, it’s more a challenge then book I guess from Victor Pride of Bold and Determined so I plan on starting that on April 15th but it’s going to be an epic adventure and I really look forward to the results on the other side!

      I think the biggest thing with deliberate action is the sense of control it gives you. By doing those tasks deliberately and following set times and getting results we show ourselves what we are capable of because today it might be waking up at 5am at going for a walk every day but in a year it could be closing one big sale each week or whatever…but it will definitely leads to the bigger things in life. Definitely need to reclaim that control, no more fucking around.

      Come back to Melbourne, miss you homie!

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