Why Your Day Job is Helping You Become an Entrepreneur

You've already got it...

Quite the contradiction isn’t it? Possibly even a bit of a bold statement to make.
I stand by it though, fully.

Here at Not Another Rat, I’m going to make a very conscious effort to always look at the positives of current situations and hopefully you guys and girls will do the same.

That’s where this all stems from so let me break it down.

Your current situation of waking up every day unsatisfied and miserable about the 8 hour work day ahead is actually going to help you escape. I know this for a fact.

How do I know that you may ask? Well as I’ve explained here, I’ve been out of the rat race before and while ever so briefly it was, it opened up my eyes to the power of motivation that can stem from current situations.

Being Stuck Is Powerful

Feeling stuck?

Feeling stuck?

It might not click for you today or tomorrow, but one day soon your current circumstance of feeling stuck in that invisible prison day in and day out, letting time pass where your dreams are only getting further and further away from you will become too much to take.

You won’t be able to just keep sitting there in your cubicle looking around at all the miserable faces and tolerating those same damn conversations over and over again.

You will crack.

Your toleration for all this bullshit will die; this is great.

Everyting negative – pressure, challenges – is all an opportunity for me to rise.
Kobe Bryant

You now have the necessary motivation to find the energy and effort in your evenings to work on your online business. You’ll now have your ‘why’ (This must be watched) that will be able to beat the resistance in your head for change. You’ll find the motivation to get up an hour early to write a blog post, respond to emails or pitch a client – it will be there.

You’ll beat that voice in your head that’s saying “just one more hour, you can do it tonight after work” and you’ll be up and ready to go! You’ll smash out an hour of work and when you come home from the 9-5 you’ll be so pumped on what you’ve already accomplished for the day you’ll want to do more!

Success Creates Success

Keep that trend going!

Keep that trend going!

I said it once here and I’ll say it again, “Successful people are simply those with successful habits.”
All right fine, I didn’t say it – Brian Tracy did but I’ve made reference to it before and there’s a reason why!

When you start to experience success and understand it all, you’ll create more, simple as that!

Your habits will change and you will become who you want to be!

Remember that getting up an hour earlier to work on your business, blog or whatever may be the all the difference needed in the world to make that day become the day where you actually accomplish something of meaning for yourself and not your damn employer.

It’s All About Perspective

I’m not going to sugar coat it. It’s not going to be easy, you’re most likely not going to be able to give 110% every day but if you can find your ‘why’ most of the time, you will get there eventually – that’s a guarantee.

That’s why being stuck right now in a 9-5 job giving up your time for others, while it’s not where you want to be, it will give you a damn good reason to put in 110% and actually achieve with your limited time.

The more you achieve, the more likely that one day you’ll be living your dream and waking up everyday with too much enthusiasm which I don’t believe to be a bad thing!
And maybe, just maybe you’ll actually become grateful for all the learning curves you went through and feel gratitude for your current situation providing the motivation necessary to make the changes!

“Thanks 9-5 hell, you helped us become the person we always knew we could be, we just needed that extra push”


What’s your “why” and how does your current situation motivate you to put in the effort needed?

Photo Credit: Jonathan_W (@whatie), SalFalko, Helga Weber

7 thoughts on “Why Your Day Job is Helping You Become an Entrepreneur

  1. I’m semi retired after my real estate/green construction imploded during the real estate crash. For the last couple of years I worked in Special Education. which drove me crazy. The kids I worked with didn’t drive me nuts, but the adults, teachers and administrators they were another story. During this past summer, which I spent playing golf, I thought about what I really wanted to do. So here I am, starting a freelance writing business. I’m working with Carol Tice and I think she is great. I’m working on my website, creating the beginnings of a marketing plan and the enormous amount of other stuff I need to do. I got some articles rejected yesterday and had a hard time getting out of bed this morning. When I read your post I had to laugh. I do not want to work for someone else or have someone tell me when it’s time to hang it up. I know I can write and so here I am. I feel better now, knowing that all of the stuff I don’t want to do is in some measure motivating me to do what I feel good about . Gary Reagan

    • Hey Gary!

      Sounds like you’ve had quite the journey already but you’re definitely in a good position!

      You already know how to run a business an deal with clients, you’ve got a great mentor (Carol is terrific) and you’re taking the first steps necessary with the correct motivation!

      Don’t ever let rejection stop you from moving forward, easier said than done and the fact you’ve found yourself on this blog proves that this is what you want!

      Don’t give up Gary, I look forward to seeing how you get on!



  2. Totally agree, Jackson!

    I think I never decided to start my freelance business because I didn’t know what I was missing. I didn’t have a job, and I definitely didn’t know “9-to-5 lifestyle”.

    Now that I do, it is my fuel to build something more rewarding.

    Curiously, I’ll publish next week a blog post about how you can learn from your day job to start freelancing. However, I use a different point of view.

    P.D: Did I ever tell you how much I love your theme’s colors? :D

    • Hey Karen,

      It’s amazing how when you don’t know how bad it can be on the other side the motivation just isn’t there, now that you’re aware of the other options and what it’s like, you couldn’t want it more.

      Don’t let that fuel run out :)!

      Oh really? I look forward to reading it, will be interesting no doubt!

      Haha indeed you did not, thanks very much! I’d like to say I chose it but it was the default colour and I just chose to let my header match it, I’m definitely happy with it for now!



  3. You’re right. Being dissatisfied somehow is always key to making change possible.

    What you say about time is also true. When time gets perceived as scarce (WHICH IS DEFINITELY IS!) we put a much highe value on it and don’t put up with as much bullshit.

    • Thanks Ludvig!

      That’s it man, we got to become less tolerant to the bullshit and ensure what we’re doing is really aligned with our goals.

      It’s easier said than done but dissatisfaction is definitely enough motivation to get the ‘change’ ball rolling!

      Thanks for stopping by,


  4. […] is one of the core things I am looking to change as I know I’ll never reach my full potential or leave my job if I don’t improve […]

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